Hiroki Takeuchi      武内 宏樹

  Hello everyone!  This is my personal website.

Writing from Dallas, I am currently one of the regular contributors to Foresight, an online Japanese journal that discusses politics, economy, and society (and to a lesser extent culture and history) both domestic and international.  The purpose of this ongoing project is creating a channel for dialogues between interested experts and general readers in both academic and non-academic worlds. 

My writing interests go in parallel with my view on the significant roles of area specialists such as myself.  I therefore utilize my current affiliation with the SMU Tower Center and discuss contemporary topics related to U.S. and world politics, Japan-U.S. relations, and China-Japan-U.S. relations.  One major series of my writing will be based on discussions in Tower Center events, which are academic and public talks, conferences, and symposia.  Discussing these topics in an online journal that has a public forum serves many purposes.  For instance, Dallas has become increasingly important to understand the U.S. and Japan-U.S. relations.  Japanese like most foreigners, however, have more familiarity of the East and West Coasts than Texas, the South, or the Southwest.  My writing for Foresight is thus an effort to connect and relate regional, national, and international perspectives.

Thanks to the invitation from the Editor of Foresight, Ryuta Yasukochi, I am pleased with the opportunity to share my perspectives from the "windows of Dallas" with Japanese readers and beyond. 


Visit Foresight to read my articles.